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The Unmasked Concubine

The Unmasked Concubine

The visitors  no-one wants                                                 
They came in twos, side by side
The grim-faced officers, hats in hands
Spoke the words that sliced through your heart.                     

Ma-am, there's been an accident.
Is this your son? A high school photo.
Frozen in time; Just as your heart will be.
You nodded, your face  crumbling into dust.

Gus, a bright kid: Straight A's, a gentle soul
With loyal friends--over-achieving to make Dad proud.
Gus's father, Gilbert Hartman, expected perfection.
Goading his progeny with triggering results.

Sadly, when Alice Hartman called her husband
Sobbing uncontrollably, she pulled him to her:
"Our son is dead! His car was hit head on!"
Gilbert just stood there, facial muscles intact.

"Did you hear me? Don't you care that Gus's dead?"
Oddly, Gilbert's reaction never materialised.
No tears for his only son. What was wrong with him?
No remorse at all,  …

My Brother's Keeper

This past year had been extremely stressful and exhausting for Neil Tennant. It was 1988 and he was thinking that he was beginning to regret getting into the music business. Sure, there were a lot of perks that accompanied musicians who have what it takes to be a pop star, but the unending pressure and record company demands take some of the fun out of it. The sleepless nights are no picnic either. Damn you're a pathetic piece of work, Neil," Neil was standing in front of the mirror and talking to himself.

It was autumn, Neil's least favourite season. Everything was slowing down and dying: Tree leaves, which had the ability to be both brilliant and crumbling--bursting with beautiful colours that, seemingly overnight, tumbled to the ground, losing their lives and acquiring an ugly brown shade with the consistency of paper mache  Talk about a bubbly optimist.

 Neil glanced at his watch and realised that he was late for the music studio-----He was supposed to be an hour ear…


Do you hear that pitiful scream?
Or did it fly in and out of your ears again?
This dangerous dance we've been
Doing has worn out your welcome                 

Tired and disappointed.
Disillusioned--I'd have to be
The definition of wool-pulling
To have any compassion left for you.

Twisted and matted: Your heart's
Been in need of washing out by now
And stop the doe-eyed manipulation.
You need to learn, once and for all

That the world doesn't like to be tamed.
For years and years, I looked after you
Was tied up for years and years.
So what can you offer me? Nothing.

Self-absorbed---but not letting anything
Sink in. You're not a stupid person.
You simply lost the plot and now
That brittle landscape's already turned yellow.

After staring at his reflection in disgust and hatred

Neil grabbed a large rock and pitched it
Into that reviled and despised object of rage
Having done so. he then shattered into a thousand pieces

Leaving the mirror smugly intact.


"Tell Me Why?" "I Don't Like Mondays"

This article was on the Daily Mail Blog:
The 64-year-old told the Sunday Independent: 'I’d make lists and keep working at the writing of those lists until the upside overwhelmed the downside. 'In my case I wrote down "what’s the upside of being alive?" And "what’s the downside of it?" 'Was it ever very serious? Overall, no. In that moment though, perhaps it was.'  

The comments come five months after Geldof said he found the tragic incident, which saw Peaches overdose on heroin, 'unbearable'.  He revealed he 'half-expected' her death, adding to RTE Radio 1: 'The way she was carrying on, there's nothing you can do about it.' The musician has also previously described how he goes ‘over and over’ the incident, wondering if he could have saved her.

'You go back, you go over, you go over. What could you have done? You do as much as you can.'  Peaches left behind her two children - Astala, three, and Phaedra, two - and husband …

The Gen X Musicians Suicide Club

Downward Spiralling 

Such overwhelming pain
You all hid it very well.
And as your lives circled the drain
You died in your own fiery hell.

Depression's a monster, a horrible beast
It often seems to feed on its young.
And even if all of your agony ceased
It was far too late--the bell had already rung.

I know your talent will outlive us all
Even though happy music will never be found
Perhaps in the next life you won't take such a fall

And maybe, just maybe, you'd still be around.
----Lonelyheroine 2017

a musical phenomenon often unceremoniously  credited for lighting the fuse that Seattle-based acts,like Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails which exploded and resulted in the angry grunge genre (Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, sported  greasy hair, old man-like ratty cardigans and personifying the "slacker" label). In a spectacular cover of the David Bowie song, The Man Who Sold the World on the Unplugged show. But a heavy addiction to heroin and suicidal ideation stemmin…