Sunday, 15 January 2017

"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night: Rage, Rage Against the Dying Of the Light" ---Dylan Thomas, 1914 - 1953

Although David Bowie had massive success as a singer/song writer/style icon for many more years than many of his peers in the glam-rock genre. Success came with a price: Bowie snorted one hell of a lot of cocaine (hence earning the nickname "The Thin White Duke).  He kept his liver disease out of the limelight, thus leaving his fans shocked. RIP

In 1977, the unlikely duo of David Bowie and Bing Crosby teamed up for a Christmas duet. Bowie sang "Peace On Earth" while Bing crooned "The Little Drummer Boy" simultaneously. Talk about  an unlikely duet. The end result was fantastic. We miss both of you.
I actually wore a "Raspberry Beret" back in the day. The most surprising is that I still have it.
Michael Jackson seemed to have the world at his feet, but underneath  was far from happy. I hope you will rest in peace. So sad. 
Whitney Houston was a  complex, terrifically talented phenomenon  who smiled and sang like an angel. Drug addiction consumed her and sadly, was unable  to conquer her demons. RIP We will always love you
Yet another sad case of a gifted performer having his inner pain consume him. Gone too soon  
. Alexis Arquette and that wonderful smile that lit up a room was secretly suffering from that horrid demon: AIDS
Alex Arquette was fabulous in that film that took place in the 80's. She is portraying  Boy George in The Wedding Singer with Adam  Sandler and Drew Barrymore.

This is the title of a powerful poem by Dylan Thomas. It is urging people do whatever they can to avoid the grim reaper. He doesn't claim that every sick or injured individual should cut their lives short by suicide or some other method of a quick getaway from life. He is telling us not to be passive with regard to fighting ever harder so as the Grim Reaper may be lurking at the back of your mind, but if there's still life left in us that isn't fraught with pain and misery, then don't just sit back and wait for that dark night to close in.  Never throw those dice in the bin, as you just may have an unexpected time of relative calm and still able to love.

Suburban Blight: Where All Hope Is Lost

Crossing the threshold from sublime to unhinged.
Slipping on shards of broken mirrors and falling hard
On your unenlightened prejudice and condemnation.
We're not criminals.  We don't belong in your cages.                  

The stigma is overwhelming. Fools stare at us through bars.
We are not side show freaks.  But your morbid fascination
Is keeping us prisoner. Do you realise this?
Look at yourself in an intact mirror before shattering it.

Perhaps this generation will see past the unfounded hate.
Anti-bullying is all the rage. Teenage suicide is front page news.
How would you cope with the mental disintegration
Of your child, should he or she plunge into a psychotic hell?

This is a problem compounded by a technological boom.
Children get sucked into a dark vortex.  Overwhelmed
Social media is quickly deeming parents obsolete.
Love squelched, sexual predators lurk in chatrooms.

Pretending the world isn't in a downward spiral
Your mother and father will no longer protect you.
These are the people who so callously dismiss you
As you plunge into the bottomless pit of despair.

Suburbanites are diving like frenzied lemmings                                                                                       Into each and every inground pool
In each and every neighbours' backyard              
"Aren't we truly in the "Land of plenty?"
We pretend  to be blissfully unaware
of the maggots under our garbage cans."

Why? Because today, the Jones's came in second
Yes!! We FINALLY won first prize in the badminton finals!"
Backyard barbeques are mandatory, of course
Here's another trophy to mount on the wall.

God, I despise all of this shallow oneupmanship
That sullies every vacant Saturday and Sunday
As soon as I turn eighteen, my sentence
Will be lifted and I'll be on parole.

So what does being "on parole" mean, you may ask?
It means that, no longer will I have to pretend to be happy.
I can finally ditch that saccarine smile I thought to be permanent.
I don't have to create an endorphon high from gas fumes.

I did my penance. Confessed to losing my virginity
And then lying that Susie Henderson hated every second of it.
 I can escape the pink and blue blandness and uncomfortable chairs
Only after I die.

Some Haiku Poetry

I would have warned you
But you turned away from me
You're on your own now.

Killing Us Slowly

Pink living rooms
Are they really here to stay?                              
Damned suburbia.

Living In A Time Of  Decay

All hope is now dashed
Apathy has settled in
No-one left to blame.          

Subliminal Rage                

Run away from home
But have a destination.                 
Otherwise, you're screwed.

Resignation Follows

Stay here, if you must
Gave you more credit than that
Suburbs bled you dry.

Let go of me!! I don't want to be rescued, so please go away.
I can't believe that kids could be so cold to one another. This poor young man was likely bullied constantly until he couldn't take it anymore.
An extremely depressed a young teen, this young man is increasingly suicidal.
It seems that the late Amanda Todd was reaching out for help, but ultimately killed herself,, She was just shy of her sixteenth birthday.
Wise and soothing words of the late Leonard Cohen. 
"Sometimes you're better off dead. There's a gun in your hand and it's pointed at your head."
I hate what I see in\the mirror every time I stare at my ugly face. So I'm breaking all of them.
This photograph shows a hand with a lot of tattoos choking a little kid

Thursday, 5 January 2017

A Little Levity To Prove I Have A (Albeit Quirky) Sense of Humour

I would bet that Neil has a few uses for this  weiner.

I',m a party animal 
I don't want to be a pirate!
Not sure if this is what they call a Romantic shirt. But I don't want to be a pirate either
Here's Neil reacting to the question "Aren't you too old to be rock stars?" Chris reacted the same way.
Could we possibly end this interview?I'm about falling asleep here.
\and Chris were listening to the hit songs of 2002 and when our pride from \Napanee Ontario, Avril Lavigne, who wowed everyone when her hit record, Let Go chararged up the charts when she was just 17. Here's what Neil and Chris were not exactly enamoured with her at all. Chris hates her, Neil couldn't understand why Avril Lavigne's album was  big hit in the UK. She's ghastly. We usually don't have that sort of Bollocks, do we?" There was more in the article, but I think we shouldn't bash the poor girl.
Chris is upgrading the boys' blowup doll
Chris, shouldn't you have dressed up a bit? I can see your knees.
Add caption
This picture is from the "Maybe we should give these two a streetwise toughness. There are three more of these, but the idea was scrapped.
I wonder if Elton John is trying out for a sequel for the Johnny Depp film, Edward Scissorhands. To me, it looks as though good old Elt hasn't seen the whole thing. I can't think that this new flick will include Elton Scissornose. He'd do much better in a lavish Broadway musical instead.
I didn't know that Neil and Chris would ever admit about the window breaking and vandalising: Using a felt pen to deface a bus stop. My dad used a bb gun to shatter a streetlight when he was a kid. His classmates offered him a place of honour for the deed.
I know I'm not Marlon Brando--I don't even own a motorcycle. 
Here's a hapless hamster, just minding his own business and has been told that there's a weird belief that we get stuffed into one's bum. We are not amused.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. I implore you... "
Nothing says happy hour like a pint or four of beer.
My, you're full of yourself, aren't you? 
"You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby, right round round round"
"Hey sailor boy, want some company before you head back out on the high seas?"
Here's  what they refer to as "The Ball Boy."
Neil thinks by standing behind me. it will make up for the years the other way around.
Here's one of my favourite musicians. Michael Stipe from REM singing "Shiny Happy People."
I wonder how much we're going to make for appearing in a Pet Shop Boys video?
Here's Roseanne getting on the phone to discover the electricity is being shut off. "We're screwed."
Neil always got a laugh when Phoebe from the sitcom, Friends sings one of her original songs that tells that a cat to get his or her owner to take care of it's hygiene asap.
Looks as if Neil is being contacted by a UFO and is being beamed up into their spaceship. That's what happens when you wear a tinfoil hat.
This picture reminds me of that really old joke: Question: What is copulation? Answer: Sex between two consenting policemen.  Well, I thought it was funny.
Neil is at a beach and I am so jealous. I love going there, but haven't had a chance in three years.
"We're supposed to work until 6 PM. It's been two hours already."
Well, we meet again. Want to go back to my hotel then we can pretend your water bed feels like being on a boat.
Does this have anything to do with those Carry On British films? Hilarious. Unfortunately, these fellows  
You sure you got permission to borrow these salad bowls?