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Some Pet Shop Boys Levity To Show I Have A Healthy (Albeit Quirky) Sense Of Humour

I Wish I Had Never Dreamed Of Machines   

Live By the Gun
Die by the gun.
A neverending tragedy
Showing no signs of abating.

Your country's marred
By flagrant displays
Of rampant weapon worship.
And a country reeking of death.

It's likely far too late for stricter rules
Shooting after shooting
Is ample proof of one thing                                                                        
You don't want to change.
There's a pervasive heaviness of

Reservation, resigning oneself to
The inevitable war machines
Is this how we are going to destroy ourselves.                                           

When your leaders fail to save you.
When loud-mouthed idiots
Want a gun in every pot.

But the saddest thing of all
Is your indifference to the dead
This outpouring of so-called concern
Is already yesterday's news.

I wrote these two poems this past summer,  before the Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and that former wheeler-dealer-aka-reality-show-host-aka-loose-cannon-aka-hubby-of-t…