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"Tell Me Why?" "I Don't Like Mondays"

This article was on the Daily Mail Blog:
The 64-year-old told the Sunday Independent: 'I’d make lists and keep working at the writing of those lists until the upside overwhelmed the downside. 'In my case I wrote down "what’s the upside of being alive?" And "what’s the downside of it?" 'Was it ever very serious? Overall, no. In that moment though, perhaps it was.'  

The comments come five months after Geldof said he found the tragic incident, which saw Peaches overdose on heroin, 'unbearable'.  He revealed he 'half-expected' her death, adding to RTE Radio 1: 'The way she was carrying on, there's nothing you can do about it.' The musician has also previously described how he goes ‘over and over’ the incident, wondering if he could have saved her.

'You go back, you go over, you go over. What could you have done? You do as much as you can.'  Peaches left behind her two children - Astala, three, and Phaedra, two - and husband …

The Gen X Musicians Suicide Club

Downward Spiralling 

Such overwhelming pain
You all hid it very well.
And as your lives circled the drain
You died in your own fiery hell.

Depression's a monster, a horrible beast
It often seems to feed on its young.
And even if all of your agony ceased
It was far too late--the bell had already rung.

I know your talent will outlive us all
Even though happy music will never be found
Perhaps in the next life you won't take such a fall

And maybe, just maybe, you'd still be around.
----Lonelyheroine 2017

a musical phenomenon often unceremoniously  credited for lighting the fuse that Seattle-based acts,like Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails which exploded and resulted in the angry grunge genre (Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, sported  greasy hair, old man-like ratty cardigans and personifying the "slacker" label). In a spectacular cover of the David Bowie song, The Man Who Sold the World on the Unplugged show. But a heavy addiction to heroin and suicidal ideation stemmin…

Requiem For Quality Music: You Know What I Mean

Lets bring back the music that is so, so much better than the swill that passes for it these days. We cannot stomach another faux era where talent is sadly taken a nose dive. So-called performers like Mylie Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. Mylie goes for the raunchy image and seems to feel that she must thrust out her Gene Simmons like tongue, wear as little clothing she can get away with and make a real fool of herself. She has to do something that will surely have more longevity than any of her songs. She sounds good in the studio but God-awful live. She sang "The Climb" on American Idol and it was so cringeworthy I felt embarrassed.  Without the use of autotune, none of these Disney kids can carry many notes and, as I had said, some of them
rely on shock value antics.

And Justin Bieber (whose family home is frighteningly and perilously close to mine) actually has some raw talent and can sing. But like all the Disney graduates, they invariably make …

The Pet Shop Boys' Song & Video, "Together" Should Be Changed To "Flashdance Meets Thelma & Louise"

There's nowhere to go but down
I suppose I should let you know why I have changed the title of the boys' Together for a reason.  For all I know, the lyrics of "Together" aren't about suicide, even though it likely has something to do with it. I'm brazenly coming forth with my own
interpretation. I dont't think Neil and Chris like that, however, but it's always been my experience that songs have more than one meaning and it's up to the listener to use their collective versions. 

Ah, the 80's smash movie about a young woman who works as a welder by day and uses her unique dancing style known as "Flashdancing." The pub is full of noisy patrons telling crude jokes and acting out (the alcohol sold at Mawby's Bar likely played a significant part in it).  Alex Owens was trying to get accepted to Juilliard's dance school----an extremely difficult place to get into.

Fast forward to the wildly successful "Thelma and Louise" film…